Friday, October 30, 2009

31/10/09 - Silly Me To Think It Was All Over For Today

Only an hour later another one drops its load ! This is a beautiful shot ! A fresh Chemtrail sprayed directly under an old one. And you think it's still a "Contrail" ?

Here's the back end of it. The pilot just happened to turn on the spray nozzle right above my house. Or do we still think their contrails ? Wake the fuck up people...your breathing these metal particulates. It's happening all over the world. Samples have been taken to labs and it always comes back as Barium, Titanium and Aliminium. If your really lucky they might through some pathogens in there as well. Their culling the herd and those around me just dont care. It's happening to YOU right now ! Wake the Fuck Up !

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