Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday - 12/03/10

Time - 7:15am

Temperature 15.7°C
Dew Point 7.9°C
Feels Like 15.7°C
Relative Humidity 60%
Wind ENE 9km/h
Wind Gusts 13km/h
Pressure 1031.7hPa
Fire Danger 3.3 Low
Rain since 9am/last hr 0.0mm / 0.0mm

So if I'm a nutter, then could someone please tell me how a "contrail" suddenly stops then starts ?

Also, most of that thin layer of cloud is left over from yesterday's spraying.

Thursday - 11/03/10

They have been spraying all day. Yes you see a of many over the last 12 hours, but please take note of the chem-cloud. Because everything..and I do mean everything, is man made. You won't find any natural cloud up there.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chemtrails Over Adelaide 08/12/09

These photo's were taken back on the 8/12/09. They had been in my camera for a while and I had fogotten about them until I went to use it again.