Friday, October 30, 2009

31/10/09 - Chemtrails...A Great Way To Start The Morning

So it goes a bit like this. I'm catching a taxi straight after I knock of work and head into the city to pick up my bike from the shop because she had been experiencing electrical broblems and needed a new ignition asembly.
Anyway, as we're driving into town at about 8:30am I see this jet come over the horizon. Waiting to see if the contrail disappears. It doesn't. 10 minutes later I arive at the bike shop and whip out my phone and take the first 3 shots so as to give you an idea how long this this is.

Just a little less than an hour later I get home and climb up on the roof and take these shots of the same Chemtrail that went over the city. I know its the same one because I kept my eye on it.

So keep in mind this is an hour later ! Oh and even more remarkable (as you will see below) is that the Chemtrail...sorry...sorry (I meant to say Contrail because we all know that Chemtrails are a figment of the imagination, dreamt up only in the minds of wack-job conspiracy nuts) Contrail suddenly ends. It doesn't continue over the horizon (the plane traveled from left to right) as you would expect. No...the atmospheric conditions must of suddenly change within a split second and the air was no longer suitable for the formation of the rest of the trail. Or maybe he shut his engines off to conserve fuel and he was going to glide the rest of the way to his destination. Or hang on...just hang on ! Maybe if we use a little bit of logic...we may come to the only sensible conclusion that once he moved beyond the populated area he turned his white plume of death off ! Cause you know...Tiny particles of Barium Sulphate, Aliminium etc cost money. No point in wasting it on chickens and rural yokals.

In the picture below you can still see the pilots relatively straight line of death in the distance. It takes some time to spread out like...gee I don't know...maybe the one right above me ! It's more spread out and starting to waver a little bit, but it still has form to it and it runs directly over the house behind the camera disapearing off into the opposite horizon exactly parallel with the fresh (an hour old chemtrail).

And finally a shot over the hills 90 degrees to all the other photos. This shit is just hanging out there. It's Saturday morning, welcome to the soup ! Now please ignore what is going on above your heads and continue your shopping experience.

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