Friday, October 30, 2009

31/10/09 2:30 pm - Chentrails

And they dumped another load. But seeing that this is supposed to be a record keeping journal of some sort, I thought I should start also keeping a record of meteorological data, so all you "chemtrail" debunkers will think twice before bitching in my ear telling me it was due to exceptionally fortuitist atmospheric conditions that extended a contrails life of 2 minutes (maximum) into 1-2 hours plus ! It's strange that when I see those commercial jets fly overhead, not a drop comes out the back relative to the same altitude. It always seems to be those damn unmarked white jets.

Adelaide at 14:30 - 31/10/09
CDT history:
Temperature 26.7°C
Dew point13.0°C
Relative humidity43% - feels like 26.8°C
Wind W 7km/h - wind gusts13km/h pressure1016.8hPa
Fire danger 8.2
Moderate rainfall since 9am/last hr0.0mm / 0.0mm

(Picture Below - About 50 minutes later) Same trail about 50 minutes later.


  1. Exactly the same here in Jesus Maria ,Cordoba,ARGENTINA.yESTERDAY AND BEFORE YESTERDAY IT WAS REALLY AWFUL,AND AS ALWAYS HAPPENS AFTER THESE WHITE PLANES AT NO MORE THAN 3000 FEET HIGH,THE SUN TURNED UP SO SO HOT THAT IF YOU WERE OUTSIDE IT SEEMED TO BE BURNING THE SKIN.IT´S THE BEGINING OF Spring here in Argentina and during those two days ,temperature run over 40°C.The prove is that today,they haven´t sprayed us at all and temperature is totally normal:27°C.It allways happens the same.God help oall of us all around the world!
    Regards from Argentina

  2. the black disks are burnt out sensors in your camera, common with cameras which are aimed skyward often.