Friday, October 30, 2009

31/10/09 2:30 pm - Chentrails

And they dumped another load. But seeing that this is supposed to be a record keeping journal of some sort, I thought I should start also keeping a record of meteorological data, so all you "chemtrail" debunkers will think twice before bitching in my ear telling me it was due to exceptionally fortuitist atmospheric conditions that extended a contrails life of 2 minutes (maximum) into 1-2 hours plus ! It's strange that when I see those commercial jets fly overhead, not a drop comes out the back relative to the same altitude. It always seems to be those damn unmarked white jets.

Adelaide at 14:30 - 31/10/09
CDT history:
Temperature 26.7°C
Dew point13.0°C
Relative humidity43% - feels like 26.8°C
Wind W 7km/h - wind gusts13km/h pressure1016.8hPa
Fire danger 8.2
Moderate rainfall since 9am/last hr0.0mm / 0.0mm

(Picture Below - About 50 minutes later) Same trail about 50 minutes later.

Chemtrail Proof - German Military Exposed.

Chem Trail Documentation

Fema Camp Coffins Investigated

Chem/contrail Timelapse - 73 Planes Before Breakfast (Please Read Description)

CHEMTRAIL CARTTON - "ANOTHER Full Day of Chemtrails"

Local News Station Confirms Barium In Chemtrails

31/10/09 - Silly Me To Think It Was All Over For Today

Only an hour later another one drops its load ! This is a beautiful shot ! A fresh Chemtrail sprayed directly under an old one. And you think it's still a "Contrail" ?

Here's the back end of it. The pilot just happened to turn on the spray nozzle right above my house. Or do we still think their contrails ? Wake the fuck up people...your breathing these metal particulates. It's happening all over the world. Samples have been taken to labs and it always comes back as Barium, Titanium and Aliminium. If your really lucky they might through some pathogens in there as well. Their culling the herd and those around me just dont care. It's happening to YOU right now ! Wake the Fuck Up !

31/10/09 - Chemtrails...A Great Way To Start The Morning

So it goes a bit like this. I'm catching a taxi straight after I knock of work and head into the city to pick up my bike from the shop because she had been experiencing electrical broblems and needed a new ignition asembly.
Anyway, as we're driving into town at about 8:30am I see this jet come over the horizon. Waiting to see if the contrail disappears. It doesn't. 10 minutes later I arive at the bike shop and whip out my phone and take the first 3 shots so as to give you an idea how long this this is.

Just a little less than an hour later I get home and climb up on the roof and take these shots of the same Chemtrail that went over the city. I know its the same one because I kept my eye on it.

So keep in mind this is an hour later ! Oh and even more remarkable (as you will see below) is that the Chemtrail...sorry...sorry (I meant to say Contrail because we all know that Chemtrails are a figment of the imagination, dreamt up only in the minds of wack-job conspiracy nuts) Contrail suddenly ends. It doesn't continue over the horizon (the plane traveled from left to right) as you would expect. No...the atmospheric conditions must of suddenly change within a split second and the air was no longer suitable for the formation of the rest of the trail. Or maybe he shut his engines off to conserve fuel and he was going to glide the rest of the way to his destination. Or hang on...just hang on ! Maybe if we use a little bit of logic...we may come to the only sensible conclusion that once he moved beyond the populated area he turned his white plume of death off ! Cause you know...Tiny particles of Barium Sulphate, Aliminium etc cost money. No point in wasting it on chickens and rural yokals.

In the picture below you can still see the pilots relatively straight line of death in the distance. It takes some time to spread out like...gee I don't know...maybe the one right above me ! It's more spread out and starting to waver a little bit, but it still has form to it and it runs directly over the house behind the camera disapearing off into the opposite horizon exactly parallel with the fresh (an hour old chemtrail).

And finally a shot over the hills 90 degrees to all the other photos. This shit is just hanging out there. It's Saturday morning, welcome to the soup ! Now please ignore what is going on above your heads and continue your shopping experience.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chemtrails - A Song by Beck

I can't believe what we've seen outside
You and me watching the jets go by

Down by the sea
So many people
They've already drowned
You and me watching a sea full of people
Try not to drown

So many people
So many people
Where do they go?
You and me watching a sky full of chemtrails
That's where we belong

All I can take from these scars is hope
But all I can see in this night are boats sinking

Down by the sea swallowed by evil
We've already drowned
You and me watching a sea full of people
They've already drowned

So many people
So many people
Where do they go?
You and me watching a sky full of chemtrails
Watching the jet planes go by

You and me watching
You and me watching
The chemtrails is where we belong
That's where we'll be when we die in the slipstream
We'll climb in a hole in the sky

Friday 30/10/09

Thursday 29/10/09

Click on the picture below to enlage and have a close look at the cloud in the center. Notice the pretty colours similar to what you would see if you were looking at a puddle of water with a thin film of petrol on it.

Is this possibly Ethylene Dibromide ? The same additive that was banned in Jet Fuel 20 years ago ?


1. Ethylene dibromide was used in the past as an additive to leaded gasoline; however, since leaded gasoline is now banned, it is no longer used for this purpose.

2. Ethylene dibromide was used as a fumigant to protect against insects, pests, and nematodes in citrus, vegetable, and grain crops, and as a fumigant for turf, particularly on golf courses. In 1984, EPA banned its use as a soil and grain fumigant. (1)

3. Ethylene dibromide is currently used in the treatment of felled logs for bark beetles and termites, and control of wax moths in beehives. (1)

4. Ethylene dibromide is also used as an intermediate for dyes, resins, waxes, and gums. (1)

Hazard Summary

Exposure to ethylene dibromide primarily occurs from its past use as an additive to leaded gasoline and as a fumigant. Ethylene dibromide is extremely toxic to humans. The chronic (long-term) effects of exposure to ethylene dibromide have not been well documented in humans. Animal studies indicate that chronic exposure to ethylene dibromide may result in toxic effects to the liver, kidney, and the testis, irrespective of the route of exposure. Limited data on men occupationally exposed to ethylene dibromide indicate that long-term exposure to ethylene dibromide can impair reproduction by damaging sperm cells in the testicles. Several animal studies indicate that long-term exposure to ethylene dibromideincreases the incidences of a variety of tumors in rats and mice in both sexes by all routes of exposure. EPA has classified ethylene dibromide as a Group B2, probable human carcinogen.

Assessing Personal Exposure

There is no known reliable medical test to determine whether someone has been exposed to ethylene dibromide.

Health Hazard Information

Acute Effects:

Clinical signs in humans and animals related to acute inhalation exposure to ethylene dibromide are depression and collapse. Ethylene dibromide is a severe skin irritant that can cause blistering.

Exposure to high concentrations of ethylene dibromide through inhalation, ingestion, or skin contact can result in death. Changes in the liver and kidney are reported in humans who died from ingestion of ethylene dibromide.

Tests involving acute exposure of rats have shown ethylene dibromide to have high acute toxicity from oral exposure, while moderate acute toxicity resulted from inhalation exposure.

Chronic Effects (Noncancer):

The chronic effects of exposure to ethylene dibromide have not been extensively documented in humans. In one case in which a worker breathed ethylene dibromide for several years, he developed bronchitis, headache, and depression. His health improved after he stopped breathing air contaminated with ethylene dibromide.

Animal studies indicate that prolonged exposure to ethylene dibromide may result in toxic effects to the liver, kidney, and the testis whether by inhalation, ingestion, or skin contact.

EPA has not established a Reference Dose (RfD) or a Reference Concentration (RfC) for ethylene dibromide.

EPA has calculated a provisional RfC of 0.0002 milligrams per cubic meter (mg/m3) for ethylene dibromide based on reproductive effects in humans. The RfC is an estimate (with uncertainty spanning perhaps an order of magnitude) of a continuous inhalation exposure to the human population (including sensitive subgroups) that is likely to be without appreciable risk of deleterious noncancer effects during a lifetime. It is not a direct estimator of risk but rather a reference point to gauge the potential effects. At exposures increasingly greater than the RfC, the potential for adverse health effects increases. Lifetime exposure above the RfC does not imply that an adverse health effect would necessarily occur. The provisional RfC is a value that has had some form of Agency review, but it does not appear on IRIS.

Reproductive Effects/Developmental:

Developmental effects have not been documented in humans. Limited data on men occupationally exposed to ethylene dibromide indicate that long-term exposure to ethylene dibromide can impair reproduction by damaging sperm cells in the testicles.

Animals that breathed or ate food containing ethylene dibromide for short or long periods were less fertile than control animals or had abnormal sperm. Pregnant animals that were sick from exposure to ethylene dibromide have had pups with birth defects.

Cancer Risk:

Two cancer studies on workers exposed to ethylene dibromide have been carried out. Neither study reported a statistically significant increase in cancer mortality; however these studies are considered inadequate due to confounding factors.

Several animal studies indicate that long-term exposure to ethylene dibromide increases the incidences of a variety of tumors in rats and mice in both sexes by inhalation, by gavage (the placing of ethylene dibromide experimentally in the stomach), or by administration to the skin.

EPA has classified ethylene dibromide as a Group B2, probable human carcinogen.

EPA uses mathematical models, based on animal studies, to estimate the probability of a person developing cancer from breathing air containing a specified concentration of a chemical. EPA has calculated an inhalation unit risk estimate of 2.2 × 10-4 (µg/m3)-1. EPA estimates that, if an individual were to continuously breathe air containing ethylene dibromide at an average of 0.005 µg/m3 (5 x 10-6 mg/m3) over his or her entire lifetime, that person would theoretically have no more than a one-in-a-million increased chance of developing cancer as a direct result of breathing air containing this chemical. Similarly, EPA estimates that continuously breathing air containing 0.05 µg/m3 (5 x 10-5 mg/m3) would result in not greater than a one-in-hundred thousand increased chance of developing cancer, and air containing 0.5 µg/m3 (5 x 10-4 mg/m3) would result in not greater than a one-in-ten thousand increased chance of developing cancer in their lifetime. For a detailed discussion of confidence in the potency estimates, please see IRIS.

EPA has calculated an oral cancer slope factor of 85 (mg/kg/d)-1.

Killer Chemtrails: The Shocking Truth

Chemtrails across Australia

Friday, October 23, 2009

Chemtrail Over Adelaide - 24/10/09

And again this morning around 8am

Around 8am

30 minutes later the chemtrail is still there. The picture doesn't show it very well but the large whispy shit around the tree is a trail they laid a couple of hours before hand.
It's a defused line that runs over the house and towards the west. Ultimately, what the fresh Chemtrail would look like after a couple of hours.

Adelaide Chemtrails 23/10/09

I started this blog because:

1. I had heard about it.
2. I had read about it.
3. I’ve seen the documentaries about it
4. I’ve seen all the thousands of pictures of it from around the world

But what really grabbed my attention was seeing a chemtrail farted out the back of a white unmarked jet this morning in plain view. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It’s one of those surreal moments where your brain needs a few minutes to register the enormity of it. And NO it wasn't a "Contrail" ! I am well aware what a contrail looks like and does. Like a wake behind a boat it last for around 15 seconds or up to 2 minutes max at very high altitudes.

This "Chemtrail" was layed down at low altitude and didn't fade away. It just hung there for hours and slowly spread out to cover a large proportion of the sky.

Yes we know it's happening all over the just have to google or youtube it and it soon becomes astoundingly clear. But Chem-spraying here in Adelaide ?

I have been noticing for a while (at least the last 4 weeks or so) that there was an awful lot of grey wispy clouds in the sky. They just didn't look like normal clouds.

Sorry I didn’t get my camera in time to catch the actual jet. But the way the skies have been looking for the last 2 months, I think the opportunity will more than likely present itself.

Please let me know what is going on in your part of the world...and or right here in Australia.