Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chemtrails Over Adelaide 08/12/09

These photo's were taken back on the 8/12/09. They had been in my camera for a while and I had fogotten about them until I went to use it again.


  1. Gee... this looks just like the sky from my deck, almost every sunny day of the week. And I'm in Southern California.

    There's no escape from them. They're terra-forming Earth, and those of us who don't mutate along with the changing food, air, water, animals, etc. will simply be collateral damage.

    I wonder what kind of drugs the perps are taking to ward off death...

  2. Hey, also an Adelaidian, equally concerned. You're photoes are better quality than mine but I also have documentation of the local assault. I've tried so hard to draw attention to them (chemtrails) but the sheeple just won't respond!! Slow and steady I know, but are we running out of time??? Economic crisis (faux), swine flu (manufactured) etc etc.... It's time to unmask the Wizards of Oz and see them for what they really are, no?

  3. I have been in the labs (@Murdoch University, Perth) all afternoon and just poped outside for a ciggie and noticed a couple of "chemtrails", directly above me in an east to west direction. I took a couple of pics with my phone but they are of such a low quality they are hardly noticable.

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