Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chemtrails And Black Beams Over Adelaide - 14/11/09

All this footage was taken on the same day. When you really think about it

it's a little disturbing don't you think ?


  1. It's a seriously scary thought. I have witnessed these chemtrails over Adelaide on a number of occasions. For example, yesterday 4th Dec myself and a friend witnessed approximately 25-30 trails over a 6 hour period, and today 5th December witnessed at highest count at one time 6 trails in the sky. I also managed to photograph the "black beam" late yesterday afternoon.

  2. Dear Nexus znc

    Thankyou for your reply. It is scary, but what scares me more is that the majority still have their head in the sand and have no idea of what's going on. I've tried to tell people about it and even made them look up whilst it's happening and all they say is it's a "contrail" and then I get looked upon as I'm some kind of conspiracy freak. Contrails do not hang around all day. And as for the black beam ?! I'm so happy you saw it too. Ultimately I would like to get a group together to nut something out as there is always more power in numbers. But as I'm not sure how to do this I'm at a loss. All I know is that we are all breathing the same toxic air and as for their purpose ? HAARP ? Depopulation ? Weather modification ? Who knows. But thankyou again for your acknowledgement. Just one out of a thousand that is very suspicious of these trails in the sky makes me feel not so alone.

    Sincere Regards

  3. Hey dude yup it is scary but what I dont understand is that we have had access to a lot of conspiracy videos like the fema camps/coffins/trains/our armies working becoming allies with the enemy to wipe out each others low lifes/genecide etc. And there is nothing more on the Bohemian grove.These vidoes are soo old now.Why aren't we hearing new stuff. Even Alan Jones' infowar is slow. We know America destroyed the twin towers and the pentagon on 7/11 just like Hitler bombed his own government building and made it look like the enemy. Lets get some new info. I wonder if the coffins are still where they were put and are the piles increasing or decreasing. watch India now there is a flood and it will be more than disease that will have a massive wipe out of people. Anyway I keep looking for new evidence.Keep up the good work Spacemonkey